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The new AMC Premium System. The future of cooking.

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Everything is so ingeniously easy, fast and sure to succeed!

The cooking system of the future!

With its revolutionary AMC Premium System, AMC has once again taken a giant step forward into the future. Never before has healthy, tasty cooking been so easy, quick and sure to succeed – and even fully automatically.

The AMC Premium System is the only system in the world in which you can cook, fry, rapid cook, rapid fry, brown, combine and serve without additional water or fat. Everything fits with everything else and all the elements can be used and combined in many different ways.

The pioneering performance in 1963
With its philosophy of gentle cooking and frying without the addition of water and fat AMC revolutionised cooking and brought health and enjoyment under one lid in 1963.

The quantum leap in 2010
With its AMC Premium System, AMC has taken another giant step into the future. The most intelligent cooking pans and the best cooking system in the world are the outcome of many years of research and development and the most modern technology which can now be used easily in any household. Secure in the knowledge that every meal will be a success, be healthy and will taste good. You can learn everything about a guarantee of success here!

Perfect in form and function, timelessly beautiful in design.
The new AMC Premium System will impress you with its high quality, timeless stainless steel design. With the only cure stainless steel handles that do not get hot during cooking. You can learn why here.

Suitable for all types of cookers.
The AMC Premium System is suitable for all types of cookers – from gas to induction!